Reworking the assumptions of success and sustainability with the help of executive coaching and peer group training.

executive coaching

Managers with an interest in education and personal development are the prerequisites for learning organizations. I'm intrigued to support leaders in an effective and innovative way. I work with leaders in the frame of executive coaching and peer group training in order to develop sustainable strategies that focus on change, innovative thinking and relationship constellations. Weather in my offices, at clients' places or online we work on strengthening leadership skills and group relation practices. We aim for dealing with diverse organizational structures and digitized markets.


reworking the dynamics

The stabilization of the social depends on the investment in the relationships. That's why I am convinced that personal, practice-oriented executive coaching should be the contemporary companion of any successful leader. Unlike traditional executive consulting that has tended only to focus on the firm's conscious values, psychodynamic business coaching uncovers the hidden mechanisms and unconscious motivations that pattern behavior. I'm keen on integrating both theory and practice to illuminate leadership and organizational culture.


Board building

The question of the deeper meaning of one's own desires and goals as well as the search for the reason for defenses in boards dynamics can often only be answered from another standpoint. Action learning methods as I experienced for many years provide board members with a protected framework for self-reflection. It helps successfully handling tricky topics, complex situations and decisions with the help of the ideas, associations and thoughts of others. Let us have a try and enhance the board culture of your organization for more effective and sustainable governance.