Free consulting sessions

The corona virus puts a lot of pressure on the systems of societies, politics, economies, and, of course, on individual lives. Nobody knows what the world will look like when the crisis is over. How do you deal with this extreme situation? How does it trigger your impulses, how does it override your usual response? Let's find out what should be preserved and what should be different after the crisis. Therefor, I'm offering executives, managing directors, entrepreneurs and HR managers a free consulting session to reflect on the current situation and its impact for the future. 


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Moritz Senarclens de Grancy works as reflective practitioner and coach for executives and non-executives, family business owners and board members in the D-A-CH countries. As a certified business mediator he mediates conflicts in organizations, law firms and family businesses. In Berlin he runs an office for counseling, supervision and psychoanalysis.